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Education is the key to creating change.

We are dedicated to bringing user friendly information to individuals and groups.

One of our missions is to visit schools, businesses, service groups or any non-profit organization and provide a fun, informative and inspiring seminar.

If you are a resident of Central Ontario and are interested in having our team teach a class or give a lecture please contact us at:




WFTW Wasaga Beach 2

Presentation at Wasaga Beach Library, Wasaga Beach, Ontario

We presented to a very engaged group at the Public Library in late January 2015.  There were a lot of questions and as well suggestions for making Eco friendly products.




Seminar at Stayner Collegiate High School, Stayner, ON, Canada

Women for the Water presented to a grade 11 Environmental Science class on December 9, 2014.  The class had a full presentation on household products and their hazards and participated in a hands on demonstration.



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Seminar in Meaford, ON, at the Meaford United Church

Another good presentation in October 2014 where we enlightened and entertained a gracious audience and then had discussions over refreshments.




Seminar at Meaford, ON, Canada during Earth Week

Women for the Water hosted our full seminar during Earth Week the week of April 21st 2014 in Meaford Ontario.




Seminars at Jean Vanier Catholic High School, Collingwood, ON, Canada

Women for the Water presented to Science classes at Jean Vanier Catholic High School in spring 2014.



Unknown Name

The Be The Change Film Series at the historic Gayety Theatre in Collingwood , Ontario

Women for the Water gave a short talk about our organization and our mission to heal the water, one sink at a time, prior to the film screening of Robert Redford’s movie Watershed in February 2014.





Presentation at Blue Mountain Watershed Trust Foundation AGM, Craigleith, ON, Canada

Women for the Water presented to the Blue Mountain Watershed Trust Foundation at their annual general meeting on Nov.27, 2013.  The goal was to introduce our group and the work that we are doing in the area.  Both of our groups are dedicated to making a difference, improving the water quality of our area.  Please visit for more information on their organization.




Seminars at Stayner Collegiate High School, Stayner, ON, Canada
Women for the Water presented to the Grade 9 and 11 Science Classes on October 30, 2013 and Dec. 3rd, 2013.  Information included how our cleaning products contain compounds hazardous to our health and the environment, and how long term we can make a difference if we switch to less harmful alternatives.



Seminar at Blue Shores, Collingwood, ON Canada

Women for the Water presented a well researched slideshow on Cleaning Products to 30 participants at the Blue Shores Community Centre on June 28, 2013.  The main areas of the seminar included:
a. Learning to read product labels and symbols for hazardous materials
b. Common toxic chemicals in our cleaning products and how they can affect our health.
c. How advertisers can GREENWASH their products.
d. How to look for safe certified cleaning products.
e. Common ubiquitous cleaning chemicals that are safe, cheap and effective, such as vinegar.
f. Simple inexpensive recipes to make your own safe household cleaning products.

As the presentation proceeded, the energy in the room increased.  There was great audience participation with many questions and comments.  The meeting was a resounding success with lots of interest by the audience for making a change in their lives and wanting to tell others.

Attendees were encouraged to visit our website for a summary of the presentation, further info and other recommended resources.